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GkrellShoot Plugin

Plugin to GKrellM screen saver like animation panels with one-click access to screen lock and screen shoot functionality.
Released under the GNU Public License.
Author: Muthu
Current version: 0.3.2
For GkrellM2.0 version: 0.4.4

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Whats New!!!!

  • Version 0.4.4 - for GkrellM2.0 released! Added Date Format option to append to filename.

This Plugin gives easy access to Screen Lock and Screen Shoot facility. For Screen capture this uses ImageMagick. Displays animation(Screen Saver like) along with 'Lock' and 'Shoot' button to be clicked on. With Screen Shoot one can either grab a window, selected area or whole screen, also one can delay the Screen Shoot by given number of seconds. One other feature is that grabbed image can be viewed by given image viewer. Pressing 'Lock' button will lock the screen and starts your screen saver.

11 animation type to choose from. Full credit for graphics components goes to Tom Gilbert.

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Enjoy !!